Work in USA for Nigerian Immigrant – (Fully Sponsored)

There are so many opportunities in United States for Nigerian immigrants,In this post we will give you insight on how to get jobs in United States which are fully funded with free flight tickets.

A common dream is to work in the United States. You must be familiar with the procedures for obtaining a work visa and permit if you are a foreign person wishing to work in the United States.


Although the US government offers many options to obtain visas, choosing the one that is best for you to take advantage of might be difficult.


Seeking a job in the United States of America will not be the same as finding a job in India or your native country because different countries have distinct customs and legislation.


You can work in the USA, though, if you are aware of all your possibilities, follow the application process, and have a strong will to do so.

The states of Hawaii, California, Colorado, New Hampshire, Florida, and New York are among the most sought-after places to work in the USA. You will find comprehensive information about working in the USA, as well as the necessary steps, in this post.


Conditions for Applying for a Job in the USA

The following are the prerequisites for employment in the United States:

a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable Indian or international university
Work experience in the field that is relevant A command of the English language that is solid in both written and spoken form

  • legal identification
  • the capacity to change and move to the USA
    Work permit and passport
  • References, both personal and professional

The following are the necessary paperwork for a work visa application:


You need a sponsor if you’re requesting a work visa.
You must have the business documentation if you are submitting your application through an immigration service.


Transcripts and the appropriate degree certificates are required when applying for a non-immigrant H-1B visa.
English competence scorecard from the TOEFL or IELTS.
a mail about a job from a US corporation.
State-by-State Average Pay in the USA

When determining whether to find work in the USA, there are several things to take into account. You must choose between the East Coast and the West Coast, for example.

Your wage and cost of living in the USA can both be influenced by where you reside. The following are some of the most well-liked jobs and their typical salaries in California and Florida:

Average Pay by Job Title in California


Salary Average in Florida

  • Accountants $70,580 $60,010
  • Certified Nurses
    $94,310 $60,420
  • Pilots of airplanes $127,680 $124,500
  • Developer of software $107,870 $78,190
  • Teachers in high schools
    $67,530 $45,370

Between jobs and between states, wages differ substantially. The world’s most well-known tech hub is in California.

To work in the USA, you must first complete your high school

You must conduct thorough study and evaluate your skill set in order to find employment prospects in the USA. The research and development, healthcare, and service industries are among the top expanding sectors of the American economy.

When applying for a US work visa, you must also have all necessary paperwork on hand, including your IELTS/TOEFL score report, your résumé, cover letter, and the job offer from the business.


Both immigrants and non-immigrants have access to a variety of work visa alternatives; in order to be called in for a visa interview, you must choose the one that best suits you before applying for it. You will be authorized to work in the US if your visa is issued, in accordance with the term of authorization

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